A Dream of Spring

The arrival of spring has done more for Arcadia than anything else this last year. With Alpha Bandit now on Kickstarter, I’ve been more focused to finish my goals with this blog. I still need to add the timeline, and flesh out a bit more details, but those are forthcoming. More importantly, with Alpha Bandit public, my players’ interest in Mobile Frame Zero are back, and while I’m taking a backseat role in our group’s games, we now have a new player to take my place. Her faction will be posted in due time, like a Free Colony Movement.

And so, just as in the real world, Spring has revitalized things on Arcadia. Here’s a few of the new events.

– The withdrawal of the Terran Expeditionary Marines, and dissolution of the Arcadian Loyalist Foreign Legion.
– The regression of the Confederacy, true independence for the Mobile Frame Militia.
– Pirates! The Blitzen Fleet attacks various Solar Union-loyal settlements and facilities.
– Problems within the Varangian Guard, have word of their cruel deeds reached back to Sol?
– Return and expansion of the Ijad Enclave, and birth of the rebels who fight against them.
– Revival of an old movement…

This year ought to be an exciting one.


Free Colony Movements – Arcadia’s Wild Cards

There has always been a unique spirit on Arcadia. A colony born in little oversight, the Arcadians have always enjoyed a relatively free life. Under the early days, prior to Aurum, the corporations had little oversight over the world. The farms would bring in bountiful harvests, the fishermen would bring in colossal hauls, and troubles were little. Empyrean Interstellar stayed in Elysium, the transit gate, and while Rosenthal Incorporated had an influence on the world, it was minimal at best.

It wasn’t until Aurum crashed into Arcadia, that the peaceful people started to resist the yoke of the corporations.

Let us look into the timeline of Arcadia’s wild cards, the free colony movements…
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War for the Skies

“War for the Skies”
Belligerents: Varangian Guard & 507th Provisional Unit
Result: Solar Alliance Pact signed, hostilities end.
– Zero Sum gain, (status quo ante bellum).
– 507th losses, moderate.
– Varangian losses, moderate.
– Other factions have nearly 2 years of uninterrupted growth.

After the violent introduction the Varangian Guard brought to the planet in the Seven Hour War, the Guard made a serious enemy in the Terran Expeditionary Marines stationed to the Northwest, the 507th Provisional Unit (AKA: Merrill’s Marauders). The Marines and their allies, Amber Coast Electrionics and the Arcadian Loyalists UMFL, immediately began devising a campaign against Valhallan and their corporate thugs, but its success would hinge on one crucial factor – control over the skies.

And so, Amber Coast began working on Project: Firebird.

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The Ijad Leviathan

The title may throw you off, but for today’s entry into the Battle for Arcadia blog, we’ll be touching upon the “Ijad” faction, the Aegis of Arcadia; their roots specifically.

It’s been well established that the Ijad faction, later known as the “Aegis of Arcadia” [will be henceforth called Aegis for short], were a result of an asteroid crash-landing into a shallow part of the vast Arcadian ocean. However, we’ll go into the Aegis’ impact on Arcadia in a different topic, this is all about the men and women, and Ijad before that event.

This is about the Humans & Ijad; nay, the people of Ishmael, a planet of the Leviathan System.

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Origin of the Varangian Guard

I’m going to be going a bit out of order with these, so bear with me, I’m going to be adding details to Arcadia as the strokes of genius [inflated ego, I know] come to me. Some of you may already know the gist of the Guard, but henceforth will be new details.

The Varangian Guard:
Probably one of the most controversial factions you’ll see in Mobile Frame Zero, the Varangian Guard (or simply VG) and their sponsor exemplify some of the absolute worst aspects of the Solar Union.

The Varangian Guard are a private military group for the corporation, Valhallan Industries. Nothing is off-limits or considered “over-the-line” when it comes to obtaining what their parent corporation wants. Money and power work hand-in-hand. But how did these men and women of Europa come to become the cold hearted soldiers they are today? Well, to fully understand the VG, one must understand where they actually came from.

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So, here we are. After about a year long of procrastinating, I’ve finally set up a place to catalog all of the on-goings over the world of Arcadia. An inventory of the politics, characters, and most importantly, the robots.

What’s Arcadia you ask? Well, it’s a setting created for Mobile Frame Zero by my friends (and fellow players) and I, written by me.
What’s Mobile Frame Zero? Well, let’s get you properly acquainted.

A tense, tactical game of giant robot squad battle!

Build your mobile frames of LEGO® or other building toys and bring them to the table to fight for control of the tabletop!

That’s it in a nutshell, but there’s a myriad of websites devoted to this great hobby. Here’s a select few:
The Flickr, where everyone showcases their builds.
Mobile Frame Hangar, the friendly forums.
Orion 6, another MFZ setting page.
Mobile Frame Garage, another MFZ blog.
Mechatonic, another MFZ blog.

You see where I’m going with this. There’s quite the community, and for the most part, everyone is courteous and friendly.

Anyway, I’ve been writing about Arcadia since May of 2012. It is quite liberating to finally get it out in the open. I’d be lying if I said I had high hopes for this, it’s mostly to act as wiki for my own machinations, but to those who would follow me, hopefully you enjoy what I have to show you; it won’t be solely fluff or setting related materials, but some actual builds as well… but those won’t likely be done by me.

PS: It’s also my first experience with WordPress, and after an hour, “ugh”. This whole system is an absolute pain in the ass, I feel like i’m in my old High School Web Design class.