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Origin of the Varangian Guard

I’m going to be going a bit out of order with these, so bear with me, I’m going to be adding details to Arcadia as the strokes of genius [inflated ego, I know] come to me. Some of you may already know the gist of the Guard, but henceforth will be new details.

The Varangian Guard:
Probably one of the most controversial factions you’ll see in Mobile Frame Zero, the Varangian Guard (or simply VG) and their sponsor exemplify some of the absolute worst aspects of the Solar Union.

The Varangian Guard are a private military group for the corporation, Valhallan Industries. Nothing is off-limits or considered “over-the-line” when it comes to obtaining what their parent corporation wants. Money and power work hand-in-hand. But how did these men and women of Europa come to become the cold hearted soldiers they are today? Well, to fully understand the VG, one must understand where they actually came from.

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