Free Colony Movements – Arcadia’s Wild Cards

There has always been a unique spirit on Arcadia. A colony born in little oversight, the Arcadians have always enjoyed a relatively free life. Under the early days, prior to Aurum, the corporations had little oversight over the world. The farms would bring in bountiful harvests, the fishermen would bring in colossal hauls, and troubles were little. Empyrean Interstellar stayed in Elysium, the transit gate, and while Rosenthal Incorporated had an influence on the world, it was minimal at best.

It wasn’t until Aurum crashed into Arcadia, that the peaceful people started to resist the yoke of the corporations.

Let us look into the timeline of Arcadia’s wild cards, the free colony movements…

The first organization that was more than a mere protest of workers, is Lost Eden, Born in the wake of Aurachalcum, angered by Rosenthal’s exploitation of its people to harvest the new resource, this “ecology protection group” spurred up in the city of Konigsberg. What was originally created as a protest group quickly turned to terrorist attacks on refineries and shipyards when their demands were not met.

While these Eco-terrorists had more than their fair share of bouts against Empyrean’s Transit Marines; perhaps their most impacting event on Arcadia was “forcing” Rosenthal to abandon the planet. Rosenthal had a massive supply of processed Aurachalcum being prepared to being shipped to the Spaceport, for the upcoming trading day with the Solar Union. However, Lost Eden’s attack on the carrier ending up detonating the supply, causing the destruction of the fleet of supply & guarding ships, and the year-long supply of Aurachalcum; as well as the loss of the workers (and Transit Marines) involved. The explosion itself shook the ground for miles, and was visible from the transit gate. While this offensive resulted in Rosenthal moving off-world, Lost Eden never recovered from the attack, and soon faded away into obscurity.

While at this point in time, relations between the colonists and Ijad were not rare, this would mark one of the final times that Arcadians and Aurumites would work together.
Once Rosenthal Incorporated abandoned the planet, Arcadia became to fall into chaos. Different forces began to fill in that power vacuum where Rosenthal was., the first of these was the Aurumites, calling themselves the “Aegis of Arcadia”. Details concerning them will be posted in a later entry.

The second group was the remaining cities, ones who did not unite under the banner of the Ijad culture & faith, these city-states became a confederation to protect themselves against any possible threat of Ijad. Alongside the Confederacy of Free Cities‘ founding, a group of Rosenthal Colonial Police (as Rosenthal never asked for a Foreign Legion) formed their own paramilitary force, the Mobile Frame Militia. These two non-Ijad groups agreed to work together to ensure peace in their lands.  While the Confederacy was merely a political power, the Militia was the force behind them, while still remaining an autonomous group.

Within a short few months, one of the cities had broken away from the Confederacy and became its own neutral power, this Syndicate of Workers – or Syndicate for short – was situationed just south of the Ijad power, and was the furthest away from the collection of city-states. These workers were also amongst some of the first to invite the Ijad refugees into their homes, and had come to understand one another. The Syndicate’s lands are some of the most valuable on Arcadia, as their prime location holds many Aurachalcum fields and refineries.

After a year and a half, the Terran Expeditionary Marines – along with Amber Coast Electronics – landed on world. Another of the Confederacy’s cities left the pact, and joined with the new Solar Union power. This city was considered the wealthiest on world, it housed a great deal of the wealthy on world, and held a decent amount of Aura-refineries and depots.

After the loss of two wealthy founding cities, the Confederacy quickly began to lose its own governing power. The Militia began working under its own accord, rarely answering any of the calls of their partners; and taking away the Confederacy’s greatest asset, Doctor Rudolph Magrin.  Many citizens began to call out for a change of power, cries of revolution rang up across the Confederacy…

Months later, after the conclusion of the Seven Hour War, where the Varangian Guard made their entrance, yet another city of the Confederacy backed away and formed their own, independent nation. This was the Promethean Initiative. Within a few months of their independence, they surprised all of Arcadia as being the first force to combat the Varangian Guard & win. However, their victory did not last soon. The Guard’s wrath was swift, and a fleet of Hussar’s bombed the Initiative’s city to desolation. With the Initiative unable to stem off an attack of this magnitude, the Guard systematically tore the city apart, ensuring its demise.

While the Guard’s brutality was cruel, and the casualties high, it was the following winter than ruined the Initiative. Those who survived had to ensure a long-trek through the onset of winter to the closest Confederacy city.

Within the last year of stalemate, the Confederacy has degraded into a oligarchy under the guise of a republic. Most of the revolutionary speech is being put down, particular by force now; citizens in fear of bands of armed men who seem to work for the Old Families, the ruling power in the Confederacy. There are outcries for revolt once again, but only time will tell where the Confederacy will go from here.

Woefully unequipped to fight the forces on Arcadia, they have a hard enough governing their own lands… The Old Families are in the process of drawing up new Articles of Confederation, to re-strengthen their own power, but what can they do against the powerhouses of the Ijad Aegis, Merrill’s Marauders, or the Varangian Guard…? What will they do when the war reaches their lands, their homes?


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