The Ijad Leviathan

The title may throw you off, but for today’s entry into the Battle for Arcadia blog, we’ll be touching upon the “Ijad” faction, the Aegis of Arcadia; their roots specifically.

It’s been well established that the Ijad faction, later known as the “Aegis of Arcadia” [will be henceforth called Aegis for short], were a result of an asteroid crash-landing into a shallow part of the vast Arcadian ocean. However, we’ll go into the Aegis’ impact on Arcadia in a different topic, this is all about the men and women, and Ijad before that event.

This is about the Humans & Ijad; nay, the people of Ishmael, a planet of the Leviathan System.

The system Leviathan was founded in SC 188, starting with the planet Ishmael. With the planet being an astonishing 94% water (salt water at that), sans a few large islands, the primarily purpose of the colony was maritime foodstuffs, and medicinal and biological research of the world’s vibrant flora and fauna, both aquatic and terrestrial.

The largest of Ishmael’s islands were named “Rokovoko” & “Yojo” and were created as the planet’s spaceport and main city. With the spaceport and city taking up most of the available land, entire fleets of ships were banded together to act as floating -self-sufficient- cities. After the system’s transit gate, Pequod, was finished, Ishmael’s parent corporation, Queequeg Association set up on the capital island.

While Queequeg never made a huge profit over Ishmael’s activities, the corporation had a friendly enough relationship with the colonists. So long as progress kept moving forward, there was no issue. However, by SC 224, with the discovery of another new and more productive colony, the Solar Union began quickly losing interest in Ishmael. Quickly enough, things became to fall into disarray, and poverty began to rise in the colony. The colony and its corporation tried their best to keep competitive with newer colonies, but for as much progress as they reached, it never seemed enough.

A decade of decline later, a group of Ijad from the nearby system of Celiel, led by Elder Fedallah, arrived through the transit gate and settled into the populace of Ishmael. Similarly to what the Ijad had found on other impoverished worlds, most Ishmaelians were incredible receptive to the Ijad’s wisdom and way of life. By SC 224, the people of Ishmael were considered one people – one tribe, united in faith, acting in accordance to God. Even most the men and women of Queequeg Association did not resist integration into the clan. However, the few did that, retreated back to the safety of the transit gate, and relayed the news to the Solar Union.

By SC 234, the United Martian Foreign Legion was already a proven way to combat the growing “alien rebellions” in the colonies. It was no shock when, by early SC 235, a contingent of UMFL officers came down to the planet to create a police force to combat the “rebelling people”. However, the people of Ishmael were anything but rebellious, at least in their own eyes; the UMFL officers were quick to draw lines in the sand, the hastily created unit became to label ship-communities as either loyal or rebelling, creating a sharp divide between those loyal to the Solar Union, and those loyal to the Ijad. While the number who openly sided with the Solar Union were a minority, this minority was now armed with military hardware. Colonel Kugel of the UMFL began arming the loyal ships with torpedoes and long-range cannons, and creating aquatic versions of the ST-07 Chub, meant to assist these makeshift battleships in combat. Kugel’s forces were quick to provoke possible battles, proving the colonist’s rebellous intents, even going so far as to imprison Elder Fedallah and his Human bond-mate in the capital. For years, Kugel’s men terrorized the seas under the banner of “duty and justice”, quelling “many rebellions” in his small time on Ishmael. But for all his dutiful acts, he just seemed to find more rebels at every turn… his tactics became more extreme as the years dragged on.

Kugel’s attrocious treatment to the people of Ismael finally came to a head when the colony’s UMFL entered into a civil conflict amongst itself. Over the treatment of its people, the faction that turned against Colonel Kugel quickly went on to rally the local people, training the people in military frame construction and combat, and by the end of the year, defeated Kugel’s UMFL handily at what would be later called “Battle at the Island of Ambition”. The “revolting” UMFL reconvened with the freeing of Ijad Elder Fedallah at the capital of Yojo, and together came to a concise decision.

The freedom fighters would put down their weapons of war and return to a peaceful life, all grudges were to be forgiven, and the community to heal… as well as proclaiming their colony a free and liberated one. No longer a source of life held in the grasps of the evil “Greed Gods”.

…Until the Terran Expeditionary Marines came through the transit gate…


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