So, here we are. After about a year long of procrastinating, I’ve finally set up a place to catalog all of the on-goings over the world of Arcadia. An inventory of the politics, characters, and most importantly, the robots.

What’s Arcadia you ask? Well, it’s a setting created for Mobile Frame Zero by my friends (and fellow players) and I, written by me.
What’s Mobile Frame Zero? Well, let’s get you properly acquainted.
A tense, tactical game of giant robot squad battle!

Build your mobile frames of LEGO® or other building toys and bring them to the table to fight for control of the tabletop!

That’s it in a nutshell, but there’s a myriad of websites devoted to this great hobby. Here’s a select few:
The Flickr, where everyone showcases their builds.
Mobile Frame Hangar, the friendly forums.
Orion 6, another MFZ setting page.
Mobile Frame Garage, another MFZ blog.
Mechatonic, another MFZ blog.

You see where I’m going with this. There’s quite the community, and for the most part, everyone is courteous and friendly.

Anyway, I’ve been writing about Arcadia since May of 2012. It is quite liberating to finally get it out in the open. I’d be lying if I said I had high hopes for this, it’s mostly to act as wiki for my own machinations, but to those who would follow me, hopefully you enjoy what I have to show you; it won’t be solely fluff or setting related materials, but some actual builds as well… but those won’t likely be done by me.

PS: It’s also my first experience with WordPress, and after an hour, “ugh”. This whole system is an absolute pain in the ass, I feel like i’m in my old High School Web Design class.


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