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War for the Skies

“War for the Skies”
Belligerents: Varangian Guard & 507th Provisional Unit
Result: Solar Alliance Pact signed, hostilities end.
– Zero Sum gain, (status quo ante bellum).
– 507th losses, moderate.
– Varangian losses, moderate.
– Other factions have nearly 2 years of uninterrupted growth.

After the violent introduction the Varangian Guard brought to the planet in the Seven Hour War, the Guard made a serious enemy in the Terran Expeditionary Marines stationed to the Northwest, the 507th Provisional Unit (AKA: Merrill’s Marauders). The Marines and their allies, Amber Coast Electrionics and the Arcadian Loyalists UMFL, immediately began devising a campaign against Valhallan and their corporate thugs, but its success would hinge on one crucial factor – control over the skies.

And so, Amber Coast began working on Project: Firebird.

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